The Found Series
The Found Series
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Serving mission-driven companies, cities and executives as an extension of your team


the knowing is the hardest part

How do you get from where you are (O) to where you want to be (X)?

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Where you are

Bringing in an outside perspective can clear the cobwebs of bias. Through a combination of workshops, research, a review of the competitive landscape and your current strategy, we find exactly where you’re at on the map.

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where you want to be

Once we know your “here,” the next step is to define the “where now?” We’ll clarify your vision, and then break it down into small milestones and specific activities. It’s not enough to know where, every team still needs to see how.

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every path in-between

Remember, a lack of clarity tends to lead individual teams within a company to branch off, looking for their own path forward. This diversion of direction drains resources, creates confusion and kills culture. This is why you need a plan.

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Imagine how quickly you could get from here to there if you knew which way to go.


it helps to have a guide who knows the way


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If i’m honest…

The intersection of business and mission has always fascinated me, yet for a long time I didn’t know what to do with the feeling. I’ve wrestled with the tension for the entirety of my adult life.

Even as I grew in my business responsibilities and level of expertise, scaling up in salary and job title, the search for deeper meaning was always there.

  • As a young manager of a faith-based non-profit nursing facility, I challenged my administrative team with, “Why do we serve?”

  • As an entry-level copywriter all the way up to leading marketing and sales teams, I explored, “Why do we sell?”

  • As a brand consultant for the city rebranding project, I pushed them to define, “Why do you exist?”

  • As an agency and freelance brand strategist, I poured through every book, thought leader, framework, theory, for the best ways to answer, “How do I help companies find and define their why as a way to increase revenue, reach and customer satisfaction?”

These experiences led me to start The Found Series.

This is my business as a mission and I exist to provide strategic marketing services for mission-driven companies, cities and executives. Why? Because I learned that the glory is in the searching, as much as it is the finding.

It would be an honor to search alongside you,


strategic marketing services


An on-demand mentor for you and your team. It’s not always cost effective to hire senior level staff as full-time employees. This in your alternative.


Each business presents unique challenges and opportunities. Don’t rely on generic advice or copying your competitors. We map the entire journey to create your strategic roadmap.


Choosing an agency partner or new employee can make or break momentum and budget. Minimize poor choices by outsourcing the screening to us. We know what to look for.


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